2018 brides are making their voices heard!

They are embracing their individuality! More so today than in years past.  They apply today’s trends and contemporary styles to their bouquets and boutonnieres in ways we haven’t seen before! Modern brides desire to express their personal style shines through- from their venue, to their cake, to their centerpieces- no two weddings are the same!
   It’s a fantastic time to be a floral designer!  No more cookie cutter bouquets or boutonnieres!   Today’s brides (and their ever more involved grooms) want their weddings to reflect their style!  They combine traditional elements in fantastically modern ways! Color palettes have changed, textures have been introduced, foliage is used in unexpected and fun ways and large, statement, free-form bouquets are what is in demand with brides in 2018!


Dana Bean

All Seasons Floral and Gifts