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If I was planning my honeymoon-where would I go?

I was just thinking about this…if I was planning a honeymoon where would I go???   It is such a big world and there are so many places to go, but since I have worked in travel a long time (I’m not saying how long, it would age me!)  I have some definite dream places.  If

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Fabulous event!

On behalf of all of us at All About Weddings, we really enjoyed seeing our guests Thursday night at Roja!  Everybody I talked to said they really liked the laid-back atmosphere, the All-About-Weddings-provided munchies, the free drinks, etc.  But most of all, everybody said they really liked the opportunity to sit down and talk to

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Bridal registry for your honeymoon?

In this day and age many brides & grooms have lived on their own for awhile, they already have plates, towels, toasters and blenders.  Why not try a bridal registry for your honeymoon?   Mexico, Jamaica, Tahiti……..what if your guests could pitch in for your honeymoon?  Amazing Honeymoons offers a bridal registry– we will provide the cards,

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Honeymoon or Destination Wedding

Call me a bit older and wiser, but if I was to choose between getting married in the states, having the big ultimate wedding, and all of the details……or flying somewhere tropical and getting married on the beach.  The beach wins- hands down!!!  I’m not a details kind of girl, I would rather let someone

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