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Planning a wedding doesn’t have to feel like speed dating

Your marriage is about a relationship that will span the test of time. You’ve invested countless hours in each other and have realized that you want nothing more than be together and enjoy a long lasting relationship full of surprises that you both can enjoy and tackle head on together. And the first of many

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Wedding Insurance…….yes or no?

As we all know, planning a wedding is very time consuming and expensive. As a bride and groom you sometimes invest your life’s saving to make the biggest day of your life unforgettable. The reality of the situation is, you have no control over the success of your big day. You are completely trusting the

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OneWeds Top 2011 Trends…..

I definitely can’t take credit for this article, because it came from OneWed. I have seen quite a few different wedding sites and magazines release their 2011 trends, but this list is by far the most relevant, in my opinion. Enjoy! OneWeds Top 2011 Trends

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Giving Back

A little off the subject of weddings but I wanted to share my experience this week after serving dinner at the Sienna Francis House in North Omaha.  We have to count our blesings every day for what we have and never take anything for granted.   The men and women we served this week, despite their

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My Mother’s wedding dress…who cares right?

I knew my mother didn’t care about her wedding dress, because every time I asked her where it was she’d say in some bag downstairs. I didn’t realize the extent of her uncaring ways until I actually fished that piece of neglected fabric out of a bag that was old long before 1965. I couldn’t

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The sooner the better

The sooner you get your hotel room block made for out of town guests the better the rate will be! As hotels availability lessens rates go up – so the early bird catches the worm! Call me at 402-917.9949 for a rate quote.

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First Bridal Show of the Season!

Brides & Grooms The first large bridal show of the season is this Sunday at the Mid America Center from 10a-5p! Going to a bridal show can benefit you as a bride in many ways, but here are just a few. 1) See the latest decor and fashion trends 2) Receive amazing discounts from all

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Setting A Budget….

On many a sales call I’ve had a great repour with a bride or groom, talked about all the services and their benefits we provide, answered all their questions and then quoted our price, only to be met with ‘that’s more than we budgeted’. When I have inquired further how they came up with their

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