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We get it. Wedding planning can be stressful. There are so many details to fret over, it can be overwhelming.

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We are a group of Omaha’s top wedding professionals, representing each facet of your wedding planning. Each of our members are experts in their field and love what they do. We help wedding planning be what it should be:



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Key words and advice to pay attention to when setting up a hotel block…

Are you looking to reserve some hotel rooms for your out of town guests but your not sure what everything means? The biggest word of all to pay attention to is attrition. What this means is that some hotels will hold you accountable for picking up a specific number or percentage of rooms that are …

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Wedding Gown Care Before and After Your Wedding

A wedding gown is so much more than just a dress, it’s a treasure, a symbol of one of the most important events in your life. Whether you’ll be wearing your mother’s wedding gown or buying it new, your gown deserves the very best care, both before and after the wedding.   Choosing a Wedding …

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How to Ask for Cash towards a Home as a Wedding Gift

We all get it. You have been living with your sweetie or each of you have had your place for a while. So gifts of household items are not what you want to register for. You don’t need another blender, knife set or new dishes.  What you really want is a new home! Money is …

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Somewhere Different? When a Beach isn’t your ideal Honeymoon….

 Your Honeymoon is one if the most important trips of your life.  A Vacation to start your lives together.    Some people prefer to lay on the beach, or swim in the ocean during their honeymoon.  This is not everyone’s dream vacation.  Some people prefer to explore, learn about other cultures, try new foods, or …

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Wedding Linens – To Rent or Not to Rent?

Wedding Linens – To Rent or Not to Rent? There are lots of little things that you may want to DIY for your big day. Tablecloths are a big part of your wedding décor and as such need a little bit more attention. There are also many sites on-line that you may purchase linens. Yes, many of …

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Let Your Bouquet Reflect You!

2018 brides are making their voices heard! They are embracing their individuality! More so today than in years past.  They apply today’s trends and contemporary styles to their bouquets and boutonnieres in ways we haven’t seen before! Modern brides desire to express their personal style shines through- from their venue, to their cake, to their …

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