Wedding Rehearsal Tips

I always tell couples, the week before the ceremony you need to realize that all the planning is now ready to put into place.  The professionals now have a job to do.  Let them do it!  Here are five tips that can help keep your rehearsal; productive, stress-free, and light hearted.

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1. It is paramount that everyone understands and knows what time rehearsal is to begin, and they need to arrive early (no more than 10 minutes.)  The officiant/minister, wedding planner, venue staff, and other vendors may have other commitments.  Most vendors plan on around an hour to conduct and practice.

2. Check with your officiant/minister, wedding planner and venue event coordinator to see which one of them will be coordinating line up, seating arrangements, and the overall logistics of the rehearsal.  (Inclusive Life offers coordination for our Focus and Select plans at no additional charge!)

3. Remind the “grooms-side” to shake the grooms hand as they approach him.  And remind the “brides-side” to insure that they hold their flowers at waist level to get the correct height for photos.

4. Having a person outside of your wedding party who can help you with small details at the rehearsal and ceremony day, is a great idea.  Perhaps an Aunt or other in-law that has good time-management and organizational skills can help.

5. You hired professionals for a reason.  Their job is to insure that your ceremony is beautiful and special.  Insure that you give them your attention at the rehearsal, as your wedding party will take your lead.  If you are not sure about something the time to ask is at rehearsal.  Most rehearsals take about 30-45 minutes (for a wedding of under 150 people.)  The larger the wedding party and guest list, normally the more detailed and longer the rehearsal will need to be.



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